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Death Party UK was an official side project I put together after I decided to put Midnight Configuration on hold for an indefinite period of time. But as time went on and I put out more digital product, the fans demanded more! One day whilst in the studio I got my wife, the lovely Scarlet Moonchild to do some backing vocals. That was where everything clicked and DPUK was really born!

We are now on a hot rail to hell with all the new stuff tumbling out. We used to call it Gothabilly, we used to call it Rockabilly, but really its Hellfire Rock n’ Roll!

Throughout the years of me running Midnight Configuration, and before that when I was the guitarist in Every New Dead Ghost. Every now and again whilst working on tracks, I would come up with a riff that did not fit into the MC and ENDG musical paradigms. These riffs were from way back in my dark subconscious and reflected my “other” set of influences that included:
The Gun Club, The Cramps, Captain Beefheart, Neil Young, The Hunters Club, The Bomb Party, Johnny Cash, The Birthday Party etc., etc., and at those times, I could do nothing with them.

However, as the years went by these riffs and ideas stewed and simmered, mutated and grew stronger and stronger until in August 2011 I set them free in the Nightbreed recording studio and the digital only release (Release date: 29.11.11) The Black Train EP was unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

Since then the band has gone from strength to strength playing all over the UK as well as The USA and Mexico banging out release after release with every one of them gaining more praise than the previous one.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the darker roots of rock n’ roll and stay with me for further evil riffs and beats to come forth in the near future.

-Trevor Bamford


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